Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday at CVS

Going to CVS on Sunday has become quite the little habit of mine.  I get such a thrill out of paying as little as possible and walking out with all kinds of goodies.  I've even gotten my son into it.  Today, as we were checking out, he proudly asked the cashier "Aren't we doing so good?"

Here's my haul today:

Transaction #1:
2 Dove Men's Deodorant   2 for $4.00 (sale) - 2 $2 off coupons = FREE
1 Hydro 5 Razor  $8.79 (sale) - $2.00 coupon = $6.79
Used $3 in Extra Care Bucks (ECBs) from last week
Paid $3.79 (plus tax) and received $5 in ECBs

Transaction #2:
1 Revlon Top Speed Nail Polish $3.99 (sale) - $3 CVS coupon (printed from coupon center in store) and - $1 manufacturer's coupon (from store display) = FREE
2 Gillette Deodorants (one was on sale for $2.74, the other regularly priced at $4.99) = $7.73
2 Gillette Body Washes (had 2 Buy 1 Deodorant, Get 1 Body Wash Free coupons) = FREE
1 Snickers bar (not pictured since my son ate it before we got home)
Used $5 ECBs from previous transaction
Paid $3.61 and received $4 in ECBs

So my total after taxes was $10.54, and I have another $4 to spend next time.  I don't think that's too shabby considering the razor is usually $9.99 just by itself.

Anyone else out there addicted to drugstore shopping?  I know a lot of people are having success at Rite Aid lately, but they're kind of out of the way for me, so I haven't tried them.  I don't even try Walgreens since they are always a hassle.  But I love CVS!

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