Friday, March 4, 2011

Another Ebay Find

I was so excited to finally get to see Secrets from a Stylist last weekend.  I love Emily Henderson. I love the show.  I love her blog.  Total lovefest.

From Design Happens, photo by Laure Joliet

I loved the fireplace screen she used on Episode 1.  It's probably my favorite thing in the entire room (although that couch made me ditch the idea of buying a new couch and seriously start thinking about finding a cool vintage one to get reupholstered instead).  I assumed it would be a one-of-a-kind, never going to find anything remotely similar ever again, type of item.  You know, the ones you fall in love with instantly because they are so unique.

Luckily, "peacock fireplace screens" aren't that hard to come by (at least not this week on Ebay).  You'll probably spend between $100-$200 for the pleasure of owning one, but they are out there.  I so want one.

You want to know the kicker?  Our new place doesn't have a fireplace.  In fact, it was one of the things I was looking to not have.  I like the idea of a fireplace, but when you live in Texas, it doesn't get much use.  And a lot of the rentals that we looked at had the lovely corner fireplace unit.  We had one like it in the first house the boyfriend and I shared, and it pissed me off to no end.  Created awkward angles.  And most rentals don't have the prettiest tile surrounds, or even mantles.  So, the fact that our new place did not have a fireplace was actually a plus when we were weighing our options.

But now I want one so I can put this fireplace screen in front of it.  Since that's not going to happen for a while, I wonder if it would look odd just hanging out by a chair or something.  Yeah, it probably would.  But I still want one.

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