Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Illuminated Globe

Last night, I was watching Paris, Texas and loved the illuminated globe in the boy's bedroom.  I would love to get one for my son's room.  Both educational and useful as a nightlight.  Although a gently used one for half of the price would be preferable, here are some of the brand new ones I like.

I like the antique-feel of this Cram Newbridge 12-inch diameter globe for $88.99. 

However, the black looks so sophisticated - Phoenix 12-inch Black Ocean Illuminated Desk Globe for $85.91.  I wonder what it looks like at night.

This 14-inch Illuminated Blue Gemstone Globe with Gold Stand ($129.99) wins hands down for detail and would fit in well with the retro futuristic theme of my son's room.  And it's actually a really good deal, even if it is more expensive than the other two, because it was originally $300.

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