Saturday, January 1, 2011

I Love Barn Doors!

My parents converted their attached garage a couple of years ago, but they've never truly finished it (runs in the family, I guess).  It was originally envisioned as a master suite, then a family room (it's right off of the kitchen), was used as my grandmother's apartment for a while, and has now become a catch-all room that no one uses.  It's sad really, because it's a huge space.  So I'm trying to help my mom de-clutter, re-organize, and re-purpose the room.

Since it is such a large space and there is a structural beam running down the middle, I love the idea of using barn doors to create a flexible space.  Here are some inspirational pictures I've found online.

From Chic Coles
From AMR Design

The above would probably work best - because (since it was a garage) there aren't a lot of windows and this would let in a lot of light, even when closed.

From Mytchell Contemporary Fine Art

From BHG via Blissfully Domestic

From Modern Prairie Girl

From CocoCozy
Love the blue against the rustic wood!  And the following is probably one of the most featured (blogwise) barn door I found - for good reason.  But wouldn't work at all in my parents' house.
From Southern Living
  Any favorites?

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