Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What I'm...


Finished The English Patient this weekend.  I really enjoyed it, which makes me consider rewatching the movie, which I hated (much like Elaine) when I saw it as a teenager. 

If you like books about Africa and infidelity, I highly recommend The Alexandria Quartet as well - especially the first book, Justine.


My stepdaughter, Lauren, is staying with us for the week, and since she has recently discovered a love of musicals, we've been watching them.  First was Once, one of my favorite movies ever.

I've been singing "Falling Slowly" for days now.

And then Swing Time, as a way to introduce her to Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.  It's usually listed as their best movie, although I personally like Shall We Dance the best.  She liked it, although there was the awkward part where I had to explain what blackface was.

I'm going to try and fit in Moulin Rouge before the week is up - oh, Ewan.


Although I really wanted to stencil the living room curtains a cool design, the process is a little overwhelming for me at the moment.  So I'm leaning towards simply dyeing them using Gold Ocher by iDye.  I'll do a test first, of course.

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