Friday, August 17, 2012

My Etsy Shopping List

So it happens - you find one picture/blog post/article and the next time you look up, it's two hours later and all you have managed to do is increase your "Wishes, Wants and Needs" list by a couple of hundred dollars. 

This happens to me more than I'd care to admit.  I thought I'd be clever and label it "Snowballing" (cause it's so catchy - right?), but then the little voice inside my head said, "I think that might mean something else... something not so PG."  So I googled it (something I advise you against), remembered it being referenced in Clerks, and promptly decided to go back to what I used to call it - "Wasting Time."

Anyway, it all started with this picture on Pinterest:

Santa Fe Removable Throw Pillow Cover - $38
Love this pillow.  Need it in my life.  Unfortunately, I "need" it in a body pillow cover, not the current size, and the artist, Leah Duncan, is quickly becoming super famous and can't do custom stuff (and doesn't sell that material by the yard - although there's hope because she has a fabric line with Anthology).  If I can figure out somewhere else to put it, this baby is mine.

Dish Towel Set of Three - $36
I also love this tea towel set by the same artist.  They look too cute to be used.

I haven't perused Etsy lately, so I had the joy of rediscovering my favorites list - which is usually a nice mix of cool stuff, sold out stuff, and complete head scratchers ("Why would I have wanted that?")  I like saving art I like to my favorites and then revisiting later to see if I still like it.  I think this helps me from impulse buying art that simply appealed to my mood that day, versus art that truly appeals to me all the time.

Abstractions Aside - $28
I saved this picture ages ago, and I still love it.  She'll live somewhere in the living room, I think.

Antelope Antlers Photograph - $15
 And these antelope will look over the dining table.  They seem like something Emily Henderson would feature (and maybe she has, hard to remember).  I thought for sure the boyfriend would veto them (they are borderline creepy, which is what makes them so awesome!), but luckily he gave me the go-ahead.

So that's a couple of things I'm coveting lately.  Any gems on your list?


  1. Good idea - I should do that - adding the pics to my favorites and checking later. Good control point.

  2. As long as it's not a limited edition that might sell out, I think it's a good technique. I get wrapped up in what I think are "cool" ideas (a whole wall of cartoon portraits featuring girls and animals) and then later come to my senses. Thanks for reading!