Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Campaign Side Table

I've never met a piece of campaign furniture that I didn't like.  They're classic and modern - easy to paint, and easy to sell.  Okay - I don't like the cheap-o particle board/laminate ones.  But if it's wood, and reasonably priced, it's coming home with me.

Last Friday, the boyfriend and I found ourselves childless and commitment-free.  Shockingly, he suggested going thrift store shopping - together.  I was already in the car before he finished the sentence.

We spotted this bad boy at the Salvation Army.  The tag read $30, but there was also a sticker on top that said "As Is $3"!!  We called someone over and he instantly dashed our delight by ripping the tag off and saying, "Oh, this is not right."  But he mended our broken hearts (okay, maybe only my broken heart - I'm sure the boyfriend was fairly neutral about the entire transaction) by offering it to us for $10.  Sold.

Later we stopped by Lowes and I picked up a $3 quart of OOPS paint - a lovely dark charcoal color in semi-gloss.

There were fairly significant gouges where the bottom brass plates were missing, as well as on the top.  While at Lowes, I had also finally picked up wood filler in a tub.  I've been using wood filler in a squeeze tube that I bought when I first started working on furniture.

Talk about a nightmare to use.  The tub is so much easier and faster.  So if you're in the market for some wood filler - get the tub.  I always resort to using my fingers anyway to get a nicely filled gouge, then just sand off the excess after it's dried.  Does anyone else do this?

So after wood filling and sanding, I gave the table three coats of paint.  I took off the brass and polished it with Brasso.  I left off the brass corners since I didn't have the bottom two - hopefully I'll find a piece I can use them on in the future. 

Closest picture to actual color.

I love how the gray looks with the brass.

My lame attempts at styling - you can laugh, I don't mind. (And yes, the lamp in the background is hideous - but it was free and I have yet to replace it or the other three that match even though I haven't liked them since I first got them about 6 years ago.  The downside of free stuff - it's always more expensive to replace.)

Sorry for the super crooked pic.
If I was going to buy this color - It would definitely get it in a satin, not a semigloss, because it hides the brush strokes better.  But I can't really complain for $3.

My total investment so far is $14.08 (after tax).  I listed it on Sunday on Craigslist for $40, but I haven't had any bites yet.  Not sure if it's the piece, or just the fact that it's the end of a very expensive month (end of summer/back to school shopping/high electricity bills).  I won't be heartbroken if it doesn't sell.  I think it would be perfect for my son's room.  But don't tell the boyfriend that.


  1. I quite love the color -- it looks almost deep grey green on my screen. And you are right - it would be a shame to pass on to someone who doesnt love it as much as you do :) or that is what i tell myself.....

  2. Very, very cute!! I think you're right, its just September.. it should sell fast and soon.

    I would buy one of these corner hardware from you! Been looking for it, one of our campaign nightstands is missing one... Any ideas where I could find one? All big box stores don't sell them and I can't find it online... Sads

  3. It FINALLY sold a couple of days ago - the day after I decided it was meant to stay and found a place for it in the living room. It went to the sweetest lady who stayed for a while and chatted with me about all things Craigslist. She seemed honestly excited about bringing it home, so I was able to part with it easily.

    Elisa - I'll e-mail you about the hardware. I just have to find where I stashed it. You know, so I wouldn't lose it.