Monday, September 5, 2011

Pelmet Boxes

I've decided the next area of concentration in the house is drapery.  Even if the rest of the room is hardly what I call presentable, curtains will hopefully make it look like we're at least trying.

We're very lucky as duplex renters that we have big windows that let in lots of light.  Unfortunately, they also present some challenges.

Let me illustrate with some old pictures (before we moved in - notice the lack of junk):

The living room has two windows in the corner that are too close together for two separate rods, so they need a corner rod.  I love the idea of patterened  mustard yellow curtains with brass rods and rings, like this picture:

Debbie Basnett via Houzz
 However, our living room flows into the dining room, where we have our sliding glass doors.

Notice the lovely vertical blinds.  Despite their complete ugliness, they are very necessary.  At dusk the sun lines up perfectly with our window, making it impossible to sit on our couch without getting broiled unless the blinds are closed.  As renters, we can either take the blinds down, store them, and then re-install them before we leave - or find a way to camouflage them.  Which made me think of pelmet boxes.

Pelmet boxes can go ugly real fast, but there's lots of cute ones out in blogland:

From Cozy Little Cave

Both via Katie Rosenfeld
I've posted this one before and really love the trim detail.  Look how nice pelmet boxes work on corner windows - and then you don't have to buy special corner hardware.  They'll even camouflage our venetian blinds.

I was really sold on the idea... until I came across this picture on Houzz:

Marcelo Brito via Houzz
I think this might be the coolest take on pelmet boxes I've ever seen.  I don't know if it's even considered pelmet boxes anymore - or just really cool moulding.  (Did you know there's a "u" in moulding - I literally just found out.)

I'm dying to DIY my own version.  They'll either look super crazy awesome, or really really dumb.  Especially on the corner windows.  So I'm torn.

What do you vote?


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  1. Great inspiration photos! As I'm sure you already know, window treatments can get expensive FAST. It's hard to find beautiful curtains at a reasonable price AND have a couple of them to fill up all the windows that you have. Pelmet boxes could be a good choice, since you can easily DIY them (Little Green Notebook has a good tutorial, am sure you know that)...the moulding could be so cool if you could DIY that! I'm no help... They all would look great, it depends on the amount of time and money you're willing to spend :)

  2. Thank you for the tips on getting cigarette smoke out. I will try it ASAP! I love you campaign side table you found. Love your blog!