Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Day of Kindergarten!

It's here!

I admit to having a complete breakdown yesterday, but I didn't cry today (tearing up doesn't count, right?). 

I have been so blessed to have an amazing boyfriend who has worked two jobs, done without, and pinched pennies to let me have my dream of keeping Atticus home until now.  I have no problem with daycares or preschools (I used to teach at one) and know my son would have done great in that environment.  It was a selfish call - and one I've never regretted.  Especially today as he takes his first steps towards independence and away from me.

The boyfriend makes a rare blog appearance and of course his hair is crazytown.
I savored the past five years and truly appreciated what a lucky girl I was to get to enjoy my son's company during those brief years before I had to start sharing him with the entire world.

One of my favorite quotes, which I don't know verbatim, is from Jamie Lee Curtis - "Your main job as a parent is to prepare your child to leave you."  As sad as it made me to walk away from him this morning, I wasn't a complete mess because I was so proud of our confident boy - how ready and eager he was for school. 

I'm on pins and needles waiting to find out how his day went (and it's only 10:00!), but I know it will be great.  He'll be great.

To help divert myself reaching Code Red Anxiety levels, I've been over-planning his packed lunches (can you tell - here and here).  Yet, as much as I agonized, it didn't turn out as great as I had hoped.  When I went to pack it bento-style (artfully crammed into a single box) - it wouldn't gracefully fit and I didn't have enough dividers to keep the wet from the dry.  So I resorted to splitting it up.

At least all the food groups are represented.  The top box is his snack - carrots and crackers.  I put the crackers in a mini-muffin cup.  The next clockwise is a baked chicken chimichanga cut in half and stacked (I'm counting the cheese as his dairy), along with a ramekin of corn.  Then grapes and a Rice Krispies treat (it's his first day - desserts probably won't happen that often).  I am happy about the portion sizes and the quality, but it's a far cry from the cute bentos in my head.  Luckily, I have all year to work on it.

The chimichanga is actually leftover from last night's dinner.  This recipe is one of our favorites and I make it at least once a month.  You can find the recipe here - two thumbs up, five star, totally recommend.  I made it with smaller tortillas so they would be small enough to pack.  And although I didn't send the sauce for lunch (it needs to be warm) - it makes the dish, so don't skip it.  You can leave out the chopped green chilies if you're afraid of spice (I use mild ones and it's just the right kick).

I'm off to figure out what to do with myself without my little shadow.

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  1. a cute lunch for a cute boy! hope his day went great :) and yours, too..