Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Oly Bed Knock-Off

This is the Oly Studio Diego Bed.  It's gold, has spindles, is textured.  I'm sure it costs an arm and a leg (I found one quote of $5,450).

via Zinc Door and Pinterest

It's famous.

High Point Market via M.A.S.H. by Tiffany

My favorite thing about it is the combination of canopy and upholstered headboard.  Because I want both.  But since I dislike the notion of losing an arm or a leg (or both), I thought this cheap-o version could fit the bill.

Lauren King Metal Canopy Bed - Overstock

Gold leafed, of course.  It doesn't have the texture or spindles of the original, but I think the streamlined version would still be pretty.  Only $296.99 currently.

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  1. great find!
    And very funny post. "It's famous." :)