Friday, February 22, 2013

Nude Motorcycle Jacket

I made my Spring wish list of clothes to buy a couple of weeks ago.  A lot of the pictures I saved on my Pinterest inspiration board featured a nude or khaki coolored blazer. 

Polyvore - Untitled #69 by bbs25
via Pinterest

However, since I'm also looking to buy both a coral and a navy blazer, I decided to branch out and look for a proper jacket.  I liked this look "in-my-closet" put together on Polyvore, which inspired me to start searching for a nude motorcycle or bomber jacket.

Since it will be 150 degrees here in Austin by April, I thought the earlier I bought it, the better.  And, of course, I wasn't going to spend a lot on it.  I've been looking for a pair of nude heels and I realized my skin looks much better with a pinkish/light nude color that a darker one, so I thought I might apply the principal to my nude colored jacket as well.  I ended up finding two lighter choices.
Kohl's Hydraulic Moto Jacket
This one was at Kohls, on sale for $67.99, down from $98.  Plus, there was a 15% off coupon code at  I liked the rose gold accents, but thought it might read too shiny/cheap in person.
Faux Leather Motorcycle Jacket
The second option (and the one I ended up going with) was at New York & Company.  On sale for $44.97, down from $89.95.  I added a $5 nail polish to get the total up and used a coupon code for $20 off of $50 - so end the end I paid $34.97 before taxes and shipping (total after $46.50).  I'm actually not swept off my feet by the picture (and New York & Company's website doesn't feature a lot of detail shots), but for the price I thought I had to give it a try.
via Pinterest
In case it doesn't work out, I have been researching options of a nude cropped or bomber style jacket.  I liked the picture of Lauren Conrad and her jacket from Kohls, but they don't sell it anymore.  However, New York & Company does have this one:
Faux Leather Cropped Jacket
It's more expensive - $89.95, although there are frequently coupons for $30-50 off $100 purchases.  We'll see, though.  Hopefully my original (cheaper) purchase will work out.

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