Thursday, January 3, 2013

Village Square

I decided to go ahead and paint my dining room and kitchen.  We're technically not supposed to paint, but one of our neighbors has a bright pink dining room - so either the landlords don't care too much or those neighbors have much bigger balls than I do.  Maybe a little of both.  It won't be bright pink - in fact, I'm going super neutral/safe/(boring?) with a gray/taupe color.

I started looking for inspiration and stumbled across this painted china cabinet from nesting place.

I like how it resembles that somewhat nondescript Restoration Hardware putty color.  Without me having to explain to the fellows at Home Depot that I'm looking for a "somewhat nondescript Restoration Hardware putty color."  It's Behr's Village Square.

The hard thing with taupe is that I definitely want it to be on the gray side, not the tan side.  So I decided to go and get a couple of test pots and have a serious crack at finding the perfect color.

Then my neighbor moved out and gave us a pile of stuff she didn't want anymore - included a brand new can of taupe/gray paint.  Not sure why I'm ridiculously lucky with paint but not with winning the lottery, but this is not a day for questioning things. 

So I slapped up a couple of test swatches on my lunch break yesterday.  Which was kind of stupid because I know I'm going to use it - but it's nice to run things by the boyfriend like I care about his opinion. 

BTW - his opinion is that he doesn't like it, because it's gray, to which I replied, "You think I care that you don't like it?"  Okay, I think I really said, "I know, I wanted gray.  Do you want to watch The Grey on Netflix?" See how I distracted him there - you learn to do that when working with 2 year olds, but it still works with men too.  Usually it involves boobs, but action movies and sports sometimes work too.

The goal is to whip the dining room into sorta shape in the next two weeks.  It will look presentable, but not be finished.  These are definitely getting purchased this weekend:

Although I'm almost definitely going to gold leaf them (sometime in the next year) and pile them up with crap (almost immediately).

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