Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fabric Hunt

I woke up super early this morning (possibly due to the fact that a bony 6-year-old had climbed into my bed and was trying to elbow me to death).  I stumbled to the couch in hopes of grabbing a couple more hours of sleep before the school routine started, but instead decided to go on a fabric hunt.  Because that's what normal, sleep-deprived women do at 4:30 in the morning.

I recently designed an office to go with the guest bedroom plan I did for a friend.  I'll share the full design soon, but it was completely inspired by this fabric.

Pillow by Studio Tullia on Etsy, via Pinterest
Gorgeous, right?  I loved the pinks, gray, and pop of grellow.  Decidedly feminine, but also sophisticated.

Only, I couldn't figure out who made the fabric.  I searched a ridiculous combination of keywords like "pink""coral" "gray""chinoiserie""vase"- all coming up empty.  I hunted the Schumacher site because it looked so similar in style to the famous Chiang Mai fabric.  No luck.

Finally, after about an hour of blog hopping, eureka!  "Portobello Vase" in the "Ladybug"colorway. 

Hancock's of Paducah

And you know who makes it - Waverly!  Not some super, high-end design firm like I originally thought.  In fact, it's only $28.95/yard at HouseFabrics.com.  Well, it's not cheap if you're doing curtains, but for the yard I'll need for some pillows I think it's a steal.

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