Monday, November 12, 2012

Guest Bedroom Design

Recently, I've been coming up with ideas for a friend's guest bedroom.  I'm not sure if we'll end up going in this direction, but I love everything about it so much I thought I would share.  She's a single, professional lady, so I had fun embracing a more feminine style than is possible in my house (where it's 66% male). 

Veranda via Design Crisis
This picture from Veranda was a huge inspiration.  As a child of the '80s, it's hard to find any kind of love for the color peach, but the right shade (like this) is killer in a bedroom.  I've heard numerous times that pink walls make everyone look better - and I'm thinking the same can probably be said for peach.  I definitely want to find the perfect shade - more yellow than pink and light enough to steal the show without screaming in your face.

Benjamin Moore's Delicate Peach
I found this one online here, but haven't tried it in person.

Also like the above image, I love the tonal drapes.  I found this gorgeous glazed silk at Fabricguru.  Of course, it's no longer available there, but might be worth tracking down elsewhere.

Brunschwig and Fils Glazed Silk in Golden Apricot
Although I wanted the room to read more feminine, since it's a guest bedroom, I definitely wanted to have more of a gender balance than the inspiration photo.  I decided to pair the peach with a classic navy for a dash of traditionalism and orange to warm everything up.

Alice Lane Home via Decorpad
We'll make a simple orange headboard with nailhead trim and then pair it with classic hotel-style bedding in a crisp navy and white.

Lastly, we'll finish out the room a few antique, wood pieces (I'm thinking the dresser, a small writing desk) and more modern, glamorous touches (glass, gold and lucite), for a nice balance.  Although this picture isn't the right colors, I love the mix of the antique wood table and the sleek brass lamps.

via DecorPad

Those are my thoughts on the guest room so far.  Now I'm going to try and figure out how to make a mood board to properly sell the idea to my friend.

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